Danish Active Speaker Design

Development of High Preformance Active Speaker Systems


DASD is developing High Prefomance Active Speaker systems. To the private, and the professionals. Touring and Installation sound systems

DASD is a department of ANARTECH



This is The new Active Speaker, DASD-752SP/DSP. It contains 3 amplifier:

Woofer, 300W 12" Driver

Midrange, 300W 2 8" Driver

Tweeter Ribbon, 150W

Total Power: 750W

Dimmensions (HxWxD): 1145cm x 395cm x 315cm

Weight: 39,6 Kg


The frequences are devided via DSP, in 2½-way, or 3-way D'Appolito configuration. The sound is deep, smoth, an the Tweeter Ribbon delever a nice velvet smoth sound.


Special designed for use with WERSI OAS instruments. At home or on stage performance.


Price: 19995 DKR. (This is for one piece)




Kalundborg, Denmark


Phone: +45 26 28 20 63

Email: jc@dasd.dk


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Saturday - 15 to 20


Sunday - CLOSED

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